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OSOS Security Services


We Value the Safety of Our Clients

The Effective and Efficient Way to Serve Papers

We give you peace of mind knowing that your legal papers will be served in no time.

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Serving Legal Documents Made Easy

Let OSOS SECURITY SERVICES handle all your process serving needs in California. We have a team of registered process servers who notify you immediately upon completion of service. We serve most types of documents, including:

  • Prejudgment Claims
  • Writs
  • Orders for Appearance
  • Earnings Withholding Orders
  • Bank Levies
  • Summons and Complaints

Our team takes great pride in providing you with quality services that ensure the best possible results. We’ll also coordinate our services to meet your requirements, and we’ll get the job done within 3–7 days. For further information, contact us in California.

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